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FY23 North Carolina Library Statistics: Quick Reports

In each report you may click on the Bar graph icon to convert to bar graph format, or the Excel icon to convert to spreadsheet.  Library personnel have access to additional report formats and date ranges via account.

Tips for viewing the quick reports:

Display more libraries: Increase the number of displayed rows at the bottom of the report.

Sorting: Click on the arrow at the top of any column to sort libraries, i.e. by population size, etc.

Printing: For larger print-outs adjust your "Page Setup" i.e. "Legal" or "Landscape".

Bar graphs: To enlarge a bar graph click on "Expand" icon toward bottom right of graph (Windows). To print bar graphs right-click on the graph and Save under "My Pictures". Retrieve this file from "My Pictures" or "Recent Documents" and click on the Printer icon (Windows).

Report Summary: In the summary area toward the bottom of each report, note that "averages" are calculated on a "per-library" basis. To calculate averages on a "per-capita" basis, use the provided provincial total divided by total population.